Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let the Scavenging Begin!

In my fair city we are offered "loose trash" pick up monthly. They'll take just about anything that isn't toxic, dirt or cement. We always try to cut our tree limbs and do major landscaping just before our pick up date. On the rare occasion we actually get rid of a piece of worn out furniture it's easy to just set it out on the sidewalk. But as you will see, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

This month we tossed out the carpet and pad from Rebecca's room and an old freezer that wasn't worth repairing. Monday morning I helped Bob put the freezer out. We laughed wondering if the freezer would last until the city came through.

Around nine AM I heard some loud music outside and peaked out the window. What a sight it was. The music was coming from a guy in a pickup truck next door. He found a new treasure in a pool chair that the neighbors had set out. Then more movement caught my eye and I realized there was a second truck--this one in front of our house. This guy had a trailer and had already loaded the freezer. He was putting the door into the back of his pickup because the trailer was now full of assorted "treasures". I watched him chuckling and then noticed yet another truck, kitty corner, scavenging something across the street.

My folks came in about noon and mom complained. They were too late...there was nothing worthwhile out on the sidewalks.

The city came by today. It didn't take them long at our house. There was only one dead tree branch left to be picked up.

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