Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 3—What a Difference a Day Makes!

We woke to beautiful sunshine! Not sure how early the sun actually comes up but when my eyes opened at 5 it was already bright daylight. 

Today’s plan was to get to far North East New Brunswick, well over 8 hours of driving time.
We were immediately in Maine and for this part of the trip sticking to the interstate. Thankfully, my mom mentioned the toll roads so part of my purse weight is the stash of quarters I brought along. Of course, they take greenbacks too…and several of them at each stop. 

Such a difference in traffic today. Yesterday as we tried to get out of town there was some kind of traffic problem and we drove less than 10mph for at least an hour. Bleck. Hopefully, it was actually a problem because I would pull my hair out to drive in such traffic every day. 

Oh, speaking of driving. Here’s today’s helpful hint. Do not buy a new GPS the week before leaving on vacation to a strange town. We do not think learning how the GPS works is a very smart idea, especially in Boston. I mean really, how many times can one drive the block trying to find the right turn before going crazy? It doesn’t help that Bob asks me questions about things beyond the current picture on the screen. (He has solved this problem by buying a new road atlas…and this one shows all the Walmart stores along the way :) ).

How many pictures of flowers should I take??
As soon as we left the coast of Maine (like 5 minutes into the drive) it became very rural.  Lots and lots of trees, of many varieties. The sides of the road are filled with purple lupines, yellow and white daisies and some pretty pink flowers. This is the head of the Appalachian Trail with lots of hills and even an occasional mountain off to the west. 

Some mountain to the West in Maine... no one remembers the name already.
We took advantage of the easier driving and listened to some old radio dramas and then everyone thought we should listen to the audio version of Anne of Green Gables. Since I just watched the movie Saturday I can tell you the story seems to match the movie pretty close. Lucy Maud Montgomery was a much better writer than I. She has such colorful writing.

Oh, Canada! (I would sing it for you but those are the only words I know.)
New Brunswick is just as beautiful as we imagined. Still lots and lots of trees but there are more clearings and not as many swamps and bogs. It seems like there is also lot more farming here. We turned on the radio to hear French programming. There must be many moose here, though we have not seen any. The fences along the freeway have one way gates so errant moose can find their way back to safety. Rebecca wants to know how hard it is to teach the moose about the gates.

We are staying in Moncton, NB. It appears to be a moderate sized city, even has a Walmart. I’m not sure why it’s big except it seems to be at the crossroads for Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Western Canada. There are a lot of French speaking people here. A lot. 

Fine Dining
For our first night treat we found a small restaurant where we could sit on the enclosed patio at the bay.  For fun we ordered mussels. Matthew did not want to eat one but after he finally tried, he thought they were pretty tasty. Rebecca was not so sure. But we all enjoyed our seafood dinner!

The hotel has a very warm Jacuzzi which really helped everyone to relax and sleep well.
We’re off to Prince Edward Island! Matthew is excited to see Anne’s house. He liked the movie and is very attentive as we are listening to the audio book. Don’t ask me how he picks his likes and dislikes. 

More tomorrow!

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