Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 2 of a Super Vacation

1:18/4:18EST (Rebecca’s Perspective) Man! Already been up for 8 hours, and those Arizonans have only been up for 5 or so. The weather here, specifically Morehead City, NC, is AMAZING. Who wouldn’t want to be up early for it?? And I feel like we’ve done so much! I suppose we haven’t, but one feels accomplished when on vacation, and time is spent outside picking strawberries. And let me tell ya, these are fantastic strawberries. Nothing beats picking them yourself in a bright sunny field where the strawberries are warm and fresh.
After looking in a few stores for specialty foods for Matthew, I’m reminded how much of southern food is fried. Sure, I love it, but it’s definitely not Gluten-free, you know? But we’re looking forward to a wonderful dinner; grilled Trigger fish, fresh strawberries, and even a Gluten-free cheesecake!
I better head out to enjoy the sun while I can, and figure out how Triggerfish is cooked…bye!

Everyone was up early. I was surprised but with the sun streaming through the windows who could stay in bed? My sister and nephew had to leave early for school. Sis was serving as a proctor for their year-end tests. When she got home we headed to the farm just outside town to pick those strawberries Rebecca mentioned. It’s been years since I have picked fresh strawberries—they were especially delicious eaten warm, right in the field. I am not sure how many Matthew ate but he wasn’t interested in lunch.
Our nephew is busy as always with drum practice this afternoon and soccer tryouts tonight. Already we have forgotten about all the running we did for Rebecca…a blessing of a short memory. Our other nephew is attending NC State in Raleigh. If he doesn’t make it home we’ll try to meet up with him before our return flight.
Rebecca says the sun is up later here due to Daylight Savings Time. And unlike Arizona where we wish for less sun during the summer here we want to enjoy every bit of this beautiful weather. So we are headed to the beach to look for seashells and watch the waves.

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