Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 5 of a Super Vacation!

What a great day! We tried to surprise our friends by meeting at their church in York, PA. Due to good gps navigation we made it in time but only half their family were there due to a sick kid. Still getting to worship in their church and listen to their pastor has given us a better insight to why they drive past umpteen churches to get to theirs.

We returned to their home to see the rest of the family and note: to those who requested...hugs all around have been shared :)

After visiting and some lunch it was decided we should visit Gettysburg. None of our family have been there before. More impressive than me seeing where the battles took place was watching and listening to all the people sharing heartfelt accounts of the details. The Civil War might have been over 100 years ago but you could still hear the emotion--

We visited some of the town curio shops and got to watch a short reenactment of one battle. Matthew got a real kick out of the guys firing their rifles. He was especially glad when those shot got back up and "survived".

I will write more later about our friends--and include pictures. But now we are heading off to a Memorial Day parade which will feature the local Girl Scout troup and our friend Daphne.

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