Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We are looking forward to traveling again. Next week the kids and I are heading to Raleigh and then to visit my sister on the coast of North Carolina. We will stay just a few days and then pick up Bob in Raleigh and drive up to visit friends in PA. I just realized we won't be checking off any states this visit...but we have not driven the Interstate 95 on that portion so I guess that counts. I am amazed that Mapquest continues to tell me it's only a 6 hour drive from RDU to Baltimore. The last time we drove in this area we went from Philadelphia to Southern WV and it seemed like it took more than 12 hours. But Mapquest hasn't led me astray yet.

So in only a few days it will be time to think about packing. We've decided to travel light this trip and not check suitcases. Can we do it??? As I always remind Bob, there are plenty of stores at our destination...and...they sell whatever we need. Matthew is a great packer...he packs everything he needs--underwear and videos. I always leave his bag until last because if I'm not paying close attention he'll repack everything. Rebecca is a typical girl--I told her no suitcase and she is sure she won't be beautiful without the blow dryer.

If you know of something along this route that we should stop and see do let me know. We will always be the homeschooling family looking for educational opportunities every day.

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