Sunday, August 9, 2009



We are going to reshingle my parents house in Strawberry. (No, there won't be snow...) But, I can guarantee it will be cooler than the valley.

Twenty-five years ago we put the first roof on (at the time thinking my folks were too "old" to be climbing around on the roof). Now it's time to reroof--and ...well, let's just say, they aren't any younger.

If you are free and want to lend a hand please join us for a roofing party over Labor Day weekend. You don't have to be a carpenter or have specific talent to help. There will be plenty of instruction given. Oh, and we are an equal opportunity family... Girls are just as able to climb on the roof and swing a hammer as boys. Come see if you can pound more nails than Rebecca!

We have room for you to stay with us. Beds will be assigned on a first come basis so let me know! (However, if you are an expert roofer and take MY place on the roof, I will gladly give up my bed so that you can be well rested.) There will be plenty of food and drink--grandma is already planning the menu. We believe that many hands make light the work. It's likely that we may be able to provide a ride to and from the valley. If we have enough workers we might even be finished early and able to go down to Fossil Creek for some cold water fun.

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