Thursday, August 13, 2009

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

After an early morning ferry ride we are in Canada. This is an exciting vacation for us as it is a repeat of sorts. Somewhere around 25 years ago we made this same trip. Rebecca has heard about it and complained that it was another BR (Before Rebecca) place that she missed out on. So far it has been a great chance to bring back memories of our first time on this route.

The weather forecast was somewhat questionable today and tomorrow so we decided to visit Butchart Gardens first before the rain slowed us down. I think it's bigger than I remember but wow is it still just as beautiful. The gardens began when a woman decided to beautify an old limestone quarry. I hope you have the chance to come here and see for yourself. The pictures can't do it justice.
We finished touring the gardens just before a big squall hit. A perfect chance to try a Canadian Big Mac... oh, yes, they are just the same as in AZ. Speaking of the same, so far, the only difference we have seen since crossing the border is their currency...and the fact that more people fly the Canadian flag.

Tonight we dodged raindrops so that we could catch the beautiful Legislative Building lit up.

Rebecca's Perspective: Well, Matthew and I looked hard from the bow of the ship for traveling orcas, but alas we could not spot any. The cold trip over was beautiful nonetheless, and we all look forward to our next ferry ride, which will be from Nanaimo to Vancouver. After passing through Customs, we used the GPS to find Butchart Gardens. I think we went on some more rural roads, but as you might expect, the multitude of green is always welcome to this eager Arizonan. Speaking of green, you can't Believe how lush and vibrant the Gardens are!! One of the most spectacular sites I've ever seen. Mom tried to prepare me for the Sunken Gardens (pictured above), but the expansiveness held me in captivity.

We spent a lot of time familiarizing ourselves with Victoria, a quaint town filled with shops and attractions. Matthew and I even found perfect nutcrackers for my collection! Tomorrow we're hoping to see some Dragon Boat races and possibly Craigdarroch Castle before heading off to Nanaimo. Stay tuned for details.
Time to turn in for the night. While we did not stay at the Empress Hotel we did luck out and have use of a jacuzzi. After a relaxing sit in the spa everyone should sleep well.

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