Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On the Road Again...

As I sit down to write you tonight Rebecca is pretending to be Willie Nelson and entertaining us with her rendition of her favorite song.

Tonight finds us in Port Angeles, WA. It was one of those long travel days. If you read my Facebook page you might have seen my smart remark about taking a midday flight and how lucky I was to sleep in... Well, we'll probably not do this again as it seems all single parents with twin teething children were on this flight. I have a good mental note that getting up early for the flight next time may be worth the hour less sleep.

But we had a good flight and today I was reminded that there are a couple of perks having a handicapped child. One, if you ask nicely the flight attendant will let you board before the big crush of the crowd and two, Matthew has a National Park card that got us in to Olympic Park this afternoon for free. Hey, we take them when we can...

Seattle is as I remembered, it was partly cloudy and just beautiful. I think it was about 70 today. Just right. What a nice change from the valley. We had a beautiful drive to Port Angeles and on advice of the hotel manager took advantage of the longer sumer day and drove up to the observation point in Olympic Park. What a great idea as we had a great view from the mountain and in the alpine meadow at the top got to stand within 10 feet of some deer. Matthew was in seventh heaven!

Tomorrow we are taking the ferry across to Vancouver Island and will spend the day in Victoria. Wish you were here!

Rebecca's Perspective: Hello all! And to those of you in Phoenix, I am... not jealous. :) It has been wonderful weather since arriving here at about 2, easy, breezy, beautiful-- Seattle! After much driving and our first ferry trip of the trip, we arrived in the quaint tourist city named Port Angeles. I love it here. The houses are just gorgeous, as is the view! Like Mom mentioned, we did have the chanced to go up and see Mount Olympia and its nearby peaks, I was enraptured by the fog!!! We drove right into a cloud, then above it! It was beautiful. According to my dad (who read the plaque at the scenic point), there are over 60 active glaciers on those peaks-- I was amazed at that, here in the midst of August. Back in Phoenix, it's still topping 100 degrees. Just goes to show how important traveling is to broadening one's mind and horizons. Well, we are all off to bed I think, must get up rather early to catch our ferry. We'll write again soon!

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