Friday, August 14, 2009

Nanaimo, BC

After visiting Victoria's castle this morning we jumped on BC1 and headed north. It doesn't take long to be in some very rural country. We followed the coast up most of the way to Vancouver Island's second largest city (I think the city size drops exponentially as Nanaimo is not all that big.)

I was surprised to see wineries in this area. We stopped to take in a lavender farm and learned that there are several very good wines that come from this area.

As Bob was driving I thought I could see berries alongside the road. Sure enough we discovered that blackberries were just turning ripe. Well, after tasting them we decided that they would make a great treat. We emptied our McDonald's cups and filled them with the sweet berries. Matthew refused to take a cup as he just choose to eat them right off the bush. I thought Rebecca was doing better until I realized she had only a few berries in her cup and also had chosen to taste test. Most surprising was when I looked under one of the blackberry bushes and discovered a red juicy plum. There was a wild plum tree protected by the stickery bushes. I was able to snag enough for us to all to taste them.

The weather here today was absolutely beautiful. We took advantage of it and rode a small ferry out to explore a little island. Again we followed "the road less taken" as we hiked across the island. According to the map we walked 4.2km--brownie points to you if you know how many miles that is off the top of your head. The ferry driver kidded us about telling all our Arizona friends about this beautiful spot. He preferred that we keep it a secret. There is no doubt it is very beautiful here but I have a feeling that it takes a lot of rain and cool humid days to make it so green.

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